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Love Letters to Robert Zapata




Are you in need of Love advice? Has there ever been a time when you had a private question about your lover and you were to embarrassed to talk about it? Well don’t worry we have the Latino Dr.Ruth. That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen Robert Zapata will mind meld with your partner or companion. Bringing Love and Joy like Santa Claus to all the good Couples out there who still believe in Romance.



Endless Love



You speak in melodic whispers
Vibrations that form words and dreams
A sweet and soulful symphony
From a thousand miles away

‘Neath this velvet cloth of night
I can hear you through the darkness
As you whisper lyrical thoughts
Of an endless love

We have shared indigo nights
With emotions that know no end
As we rise at the birth of sun
To listen to the echoes of sound

Listen to the violins that play
On the strings of a beating heart
That chant a tune in harmony
With love that drapes me like a shawl


– Orania Hamilton –



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